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Rafael Lopez

January 1, 1913

Rafael Lopez

The story of Rafael Lopez has been etched in Bingham Canyon history ever since the day when he was accused of shooting a man in 1913.

Haulage Trucks

January 1, 1911

Haulage Trucks

Haul trucks, which replaced animal-drawn carts and grew in number and capacity over the years.

Bingham Garfield Railway - Connecting Copper and Community

April 22, 2024

Bingham Garfield Railway - Connecting Copper and Community

Discover how the Bingham-Garfield Railway, pivotal in Utah's mining history, linked Bingham Canyon's copper mines to Garfield's smelter.

About Rio Tinto Kennecott

Kennecott marked its 120th year in 2023 since operations began. From 1903 to today, Kennecott’s copper has helped to power Utah, and it continues to provide the materials the world needs.

The Kennecott mine, an iconic landmark in the Salt Lake Valley, became a part of the Rio Tinto group in 1989.

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