A Pictorial Tour of a Few Bingham Canyon Businesses

This includes three coal companies, two banks, a laundry, and a department store. Pictorial article includes advertisements from the newspapers and pictures of the buildings that housed them, if pictures were available.

Nothing triggers a sense of nostalgia more than thumbing through old advertisements in newspapers and viewing old photographs. Below is a small collection of advertisements and photographs from Bingham Canyon businesses that may bring back some memories to those who were lucky enough to have lived there.  

Heating your house once took a little more work than it does today. Wood had to be gathered and chopped and coal had to be procured. Once procured, the fuel had to be stored in woodsheds and coal bins. After fires were started, they then needed to be tended to ensure the home would stay warm all day and through the night. Citizens Coal and Supply Company, Utah Livery and Coal Company, and Lark Mercantile Company all historically provided citizens of Bingham Canyon with the coal they needed to stay warm and comfortable.  

Staying Warm–Coal Companies

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Bingham News [BN] 17 November 1922:1.

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Bingham Bulletin [BB] 2 January 1930:4.

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BB 12 January 1940:8.

Money–Bingham Banks

While women today are recognized as an economic force in their own right, that was not always the case, as illustrated by this advertisement from the Central Bank of Bingham. With advertising like this, the Central Bank of Bingham might struggle to attract women customers in modern times.  

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BN 12 May 1923:8.

Bingham State Bank offers sage guidance in the advertisement below where they advised “Know Where Every Dollar of your income goes…;” however, they failed to follow their own advice on December 29, 1914, when they lost track of $16,492. Granted, it was not the bank’s fault as Bert Heaton took the money at gunpoint and then ran out the door. Unfortunately for Heaton, he was thrown behind bars in less than 30 minutes when searchers discovered him hiding in an outhouse near the Bingham Coal and Lumber Company (Press Bulletin [PB] 1 January 1915:1).

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BN 12 May 1923:8.

A storefront with awnings on the sideDescription automatically generated

Bingham State Bank, Bingham Canyon, Utah (Lloyd 2023).

Staying Clean–Laundry Day

The Royal Laundry’s biggest clients were most likely hotels, boarding houses, and restaurants. Most of Bingham Canyon’s residents washed their clothes at home and hung them out to dry.  

A sign for a laundry roomDescription automatically generated

BB 4 January 1935:5.

A black and white photo of a laundry buildingDescription automatically generated

The Royal Laundry, Bingham Canyon, Utah, ca. 1930s to 1940s (Lugo 2023)

A group of people clothes in a villageDescription automatically generated

Typical laundry day in Bingham Canyon, Utah, early 1900s (Allen nd).  

Spending Your Cash–Bingham Mercantile

Bingham Mercantile Company (aka The Big Store, Bingham Merc) was established in 1897, by Charles E. Adderley and partners, who Adderley eventually bought out. There were three stores built, the first two were located farther up Bingham Canyon and the third was located at the confluence of Bingham and Carr Fork Canyons. Built in 1904, the Bingham Mercantile was one of the few brick buildings in Bingham Canyon. It was said that you could buy anything at The Big Store. The Big Store closed its doors in June 1956 and was razed in January 1957 (Bingham Canyon and Copper King Mine 2021).  

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The third Bingham Mercantile Company building, Bingham Canyon, Utah, 1930s to 1940s (Scroggin nd).

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Full page Christmas advertisement for the Bingham Mercantile, Bingham Canyon, Utah (PB 17 December 1920:8).


Grant Fahrni, Logan Simpson


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Bingham Bulletin, The (BB)

 1930 Citizens Coal and Supply Company advertisement. 2 January:4. Bingham Canyon, Utah.

 1935 Royal Laundry advertisement. 4 January:5. Bingham Canyon.  

 1940 Utah King Coal advertisement. 12 January:8. Bingham Canyon.

Bingham Canyon and Copper King Mine

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Bingham News, The [BN)

 1922 Citizens Coal and Supply Company advertisement. 17 November:1. Bingham Canyon, Utah.  

 1923 Central Bank of Bingham advertisement. 12 May:8. Bingham Canyon.  

 1923 Bingham State Bank advertisement. 12 May:8 Bingham Canyon.

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Press Bulletin, The [PB]

 1915 Bingham State Bank was Robbed Tuesday. 1 January:1. Bingham Canyon, Utah.

 1920 Full page Christmas advertisement for the Bingham Mercantile. 17 December:8, Bingham Canyon.  

Scroggin, Isabell

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